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TianHong Printing is engaged in providing printing services to international book publishers, print brokers, professional and educational conglomerates and print media companies. Our Company’s printed products comprise mainly of illustrated leisure and lifestyle books, educational text books, learning materials, board books and children’s books.

Founded in 1998, TianHong Printing was established by a management team with substantial experience in the international book printing market. The established reputation, extensive knowledge in production and management depth enabled TianHong to strategize aggressively from the onset.

Our plant was designed for industrial efficiency and a healthy working environment. All commercial printing equipment is brand new with the latest technology. Over the years, TIanHong has continued to invest in more updated machinery to meet increasing demand in the international market. The spacious setting of the plant facilitates high volume warehousing, in particular, for paper stocking to leverage on fluctuating commodity pricing and fast turnaround of large projects. Our production workforce is skilled and stable, ensuring quality, fast and on-time delivery of orders.
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Address: No. 199, Mingguang Road, Shanmukeng, Egongling Village, Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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